Pros & Cons On Intermitted Fasting

Intermitted Fasting -

Pros & Cons On Intermitted Fasting

Intermittent fasting has become quite popular in recent years and a lot of people have started practicing in it. But is it all it’s cracked out to be? Today, we’ll look at the pros and cons of this meal pattern.


1.It makes fat loss easier

Having a small eating window makes eating fewer calories easier and more enjoyable. If you’re aiming to lose fat and are eating, say, 2000 calories, having two medium meals can fill you up nicely.

It also, during the fasting period your body will use body fat and use as an energy source. This is beneficial for fat loss.

2.It makes meal planning easier

Fewer meals mean less planning. Eating 4-6 meals per day gets tedious because you always need to plan. So, having two big meals a day (and a snack) is easier for your schedule.

3.It may increase lifespan

Some research suggests that fasting can increase lifespan. How this carries out with more research remains to be seen but it certainly has benefits.

4.It promotes cellular repair

When we fast, the body begins a process called autophagy (waste removal). This includes the breakdown and metabolizing of dysfunctional proteins that build up inside the cells.

Giving your body more time for this process protects you against diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease.


1.It can be difficult to get used to

If you’re used to eating at a certain time in the day and now it’s part of your fasting window, it can take some time to get used and stop feeling hungry. For example, if you normally eat breakfast, but you’ve started IF and your eating window begins at noon, you can feel hungry and irritable for a few days.

2.It might make you feel weak and faint

As you’re getting used to IF, you may feel weak and dizzy, especially if you fast until noon. If this happens to you, consider “easing” into IF by having a very small breakfast at first and slowly transitioning into a fast.

Final Thoughts

I’m a huge fan of intermitted fasting and all its fat loss and health benefits. With my busy schedule, it very challenging to eat a meal every 2-3 hours. IF has made it easier for me to consume all of my Protein, Cabs & fats in just 8 hours (My eating window is from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm)

Also, unlike traditional diets, IF allow you to be a bit looser with your meals and enjoy a cheat meal every now and then, completely guilt free.

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