Power lifting Straps

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Stealth Power Wrist Wrap with Straps are designed to secure your wrists while holding a weight bar. They can make a huge difference on each and every lift by protecting your wrists from injury and by allowing you to workout longer and harder!


  • It is an Adjustable Wrist Wrap with Strap
  • Very Strong and Durable
  • It offers Maximum Comfort and Support
  • Extra Strong Closure Gives you Complete Security
  • Pin Hook at the End of Strap which makes Stronger Grip
  • Sold as a pair

This Power strap is designed to make your workout safer and more comfortable, but most products just complicate your workouts. Many just aren't thick enough to function well as a power strap, leaving you with chaffing despite having used protection. Make sure that they fit securely and not tightly. If you need to adjust them, just loosen the wrist strap and let the gripping section extend to your fingertips.